Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Text you funny things I saw or did during the day
    I'd collect anecdotes just for you! Ba dum pah!
  2. Remind you of that time you did something brilliant that left me in awe of you.
    I will be as specific as possible so you know I mean it.
  3. Make you a playlist on Spotify filled with happy upbeat songs
    But sprinkled with a few melancholy songs for built in cry breaks because it's important to respect our emotions.
  4. Take you antique shopping with me.
    We'd get Coke Slushies at Target and then hit Antique Row in Chamblee and die laughing over the old yearbooks.
  5. Text you a daily picture of a cute puppy.
    If you're in to cats, I can't help you.