#capitalism and also a tribute to @mindy's defunct blog, which I also LOVED -
  1. An antique wardrobe for $300
    The top is held together by one nail, its doors don't lock closed, it's heavy as anything and the bottom drawer sticks. But it's beautiful.
  2. A 1943 map of France and Belgium
    I bought this at a famous antique store in Atlanta called Paris on Ponce- it was rolled up and stuck in a jar. The framing job cost me 5x what the map did.
  3. These Aldo heels
    They're a pewter-y metallic and have a low heel. Plus an ankle strap, and ankle straps are hot.
  4. NARS Audacious lipstick in Anna
    Bought it for the name but thankfully it really suits me/my face.
  5. Elephant figurine
    He's missing a tiny bit of his hoof and I love him so much. I think he used to have tusks, but they've been removed- there's little holes by his trunk still. Also an antique store find.
  6. Harman/Kardon Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
    This has improved my quality of life 100%. I don't have to use headphones to listen to music when I work from home and it's so satisfying and simple to use. And I like how it looks.
  7. Commodity travel perfume in Wool
    It smells delicious, sort of like a late night campfire with no acoustic guitar jam sessions. Sephora says it has notes of mandarin, grapefruit, apple, basil, cedar wood, lavandin, Haitian vetiver and bourbon vanilla. So there's that. It also has enough sillage that my sweaters/scarves still smell like it after wearing, which I like.
  8. This gold circle barrette I bought at Target
    It's a direct rip off of a Jen Atkin hair clip and it was like $6 so I had to buy it. I have shorter hair now, and when I don't do anything to it it just looks *trump voice* sad. This clip distracts from all of that.