My roommate is an almost abnormally chill person (what is that like??!!!) who is also a peach to live with. I spent a lot of time our first month together freaking out about whether having a roommate was a good idea, but I think we're gonna be okay. Here is a selection of verbal and nonverbal asides she has graced me with.
  1. "Anna, did you know one of your top picks on Netflix is Chill with Bob Ross?"
    In response to my Netflix viewing patterns.
  2. "It seems very ON brand for you for a guy to make you a mix cd when you're dating"
    In response to a convoluted story about a guy who made me a mix cd my freshman year of college and it was all final fantasy piano tracks. He wasn't my boyfriend and I didn't know he was interested in me until he gave me the cd. My actual boyfriend got mad.
  3. *dumps load of clean dry clothes on top of dryer for third time that week*
    In response to my perpetual inability to remember my clean clothes in the dryer.
  4. "Can Chris come over? He won't notice if you're not wearing a bra."
    In response to me telling her I needed a heads up on boyfriend visits so I could be wearing a bra.
  5. "Why is everyone a little bitch?"
    In response to our building's fire alarm going off because someone threw their lit cigarette down our trash chute and started a fire.
  6. *cleans my French press out for me*
    In response to my complaining one time about how much I hate wet coffee grounds.
  7. "Goodnight, fancy lady!"
    In response to an inside joke we have about the American Girl Samantha nightgown I had as a child. It had a lace collar and cuffs. Kat was more of a Kirsten.