Things to Ask Yourself When You Step Back and Take a Hard Look at the State of Your Craft Room 🔍

Things I know already: I am a grandma. This room is a mess. I will probably die with a yarn stash. Sorry for the hot glue gun. Yes, that ironing board cover is awful. No, I don't know why I kept that thread on the floor. Just one life to live and all of it CRAFTING!
  1. Why
  2. "Closer Look at Why" Why
  3. Why
  4. WHY??
  5. Very much would like to know why
  6. Why did you buuuuuy your ironing board from the goodwill with the weird homegoods section?? Whyyyyy does it have a weird stain? Why haven't you made a new cover for it?
  7. @God, why?
  8. @world, why?
  9. @nantea, why?
  10. I am not a hoarder just an overwhelmed person with an extra bedroom she thought should, nay, DESERVED to be a great craft room.
    Wow, why was she so wrong??
  11. Why?