Things I know already: I am a grandma. This room is a mess. I will probably die with a yarn stash. Sorry for the hot glue gun. Yes, that ironing board cover is awful. No, I don't know why I kept that thread on the floor. Just one life to live and all of it CRAFTING!
  1. Why
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  2. "Closer Look at Why" Why
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  3. Why
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  4. WHY??
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  5. Very much would like to know why
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  6. Why did you buuuuuy your ironing board from the goodwill with the weird homegoods section?? Whyyyyy does it have a weird stain? Why haven't you made a new cover for it?
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  7. @God, why?
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  8. @world, why?
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  9. @nantea, why?
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  10. I am not a hoarder just an overwhelmed person with an extra bedroom she thought should, nay, DESERVED to be a great craft room.
    Wow, why was she so wrong??
  11. Why?