Top 10 High School Albums

There's a meme on Twitter right now where you list the top 10 albums that influenced you in high school. So, here- it's Anna from 2004-2008.
  1. Let's crack open the old green iPod mini the size of a tape cassette and see what's in there.
  2. The Fray, How to Save a Life
    I did a dramatic poetry reading backed by Hundred in my drama class 🙈
  3. Keane, Under the Iron Sea
    I was very very very into the piano-driven pop rock of the late 2000s.
  4. Coldplay, X&Y
    Yours truly owns every Coldplay album up to Mylo Xyloto. Maybe I'll list about my Coldplay theory someday.
  5. Ingrid Michaelson, Girls and Boys
    The 👏🏼most 👏🏼formative👏🏼album👏🏼of👏🏼my👏🏼teens👏🏼 (you say that my skin feels like no one else's, that's it different somehow. But I don't understand, isn't a hand just a hand?)
  6. Mutemath, Mutemath
    My first date with Austin was a Mutemath concert at the Tabernacle. I pretended to know who they were when he asked me to go to the show with him, then immediately drove to Walmart and bought this cd for ""research"". It's still burned in my brain 10 years later. "Noticed" was his Myspace auto play song, and while I hate that I still know this fact, I'm afraid it's permanent.
  7. Little Voice, Sara Bareilles
    Morningside and Between the Lines made me feel much more sophisticated and worldly than I was.
  8. Boxer, The National
    The very first mix cd I made for another person featured Fake Empire very heavily. I'll go to my grave loving this album.
  9. Plans, Death Cab for Cutie
    I got this (physical) cd for my 16th birthday. I still have every song memorized.
  10. The Shins, Wincing the Night Away
    I thought this album would make me cool.
  11. The Legend of Chin, Switchfoot
    I was a cheerleader in high school, and there was an idiotic rule that only """"Christian""""" music was allowed on any iPods/zunes/etc. you brought on the team bus. So 4 years of away games and road trips were spent listening to Switchfoot. My sister had the deluxe cd set that included The Legend of Chin, Learning to Breathe and New Way to Be Human. I got what I needed from this album like wringing blood from a stone. You and Don't Be There were my favorites.