Requested by @BWN_7
I appreciate the specificity so much @BWN_7.I find that people are much more talkative and open in the car- this was fun to think about!
  1. Carrie Fisher 😭
    We'd take turns driving and we'd stop for slurpies every other town and talk shit lovingly about our families. We'd have a self-deprecation-off competition and Gary would be in the backseat, tongue out in the breeze.
  2. Nora Ephron
    Nora drives us and we talk about creativity and art and living a writing life. Nora gives me some tough love advice re: my nonexistent love life. We stop for coffee and I buy her a lovely scarf at a local boutique.
  3. Ben Schwartz
    We'd pull over at all the Scenic Points™ for a dance break and he would agree to be my temporary instagram husband for the duration of the trip. None of the pictures are usable because I'm giggling hysterically in every single one.
  4. Patti Smith
    We drive the coast twice- once so Patti has the oceanside out her window and once so I do. We rank our favorite detective shows and get in a spirited debate over Luther. When the sun sets, we pull over and turn on the headlights to journal in our black notebooks.
  5. Robert Redford circa 1974
    I dunno Robert!! But I can tell you we'd be in a green Chevy Corvair and I would ask you to elaborate on every acting choice you made in The Way We Were. Also I'd make you drive since you're from Santa Monica and I'm terrible with directions.