1. ‪Tip to have a better day: mute/block Matt Walsh on every platform. ‬
  2. ‪I can't believe that I have the daily urge to tweet the President of the United States to shut the fuck up. ‬
  3. ‪Dear men, please know that women are extending you the benefit of the doubt 90% of the time. ‬
  4. ‪Hello, yes, I'd like to write a thesis on how Oscar Wilde doesn't know how to sit in chairs—he sprawls, is flung, is thrown‬.
  5. ‪"Haha but when are you going to use that knit thing?" I'm sorry, when are YOU going to use the shitty side table you made in woodworking class?‬
  6. What's your body type? Stretchmark.
  7. ‪Oh you know just thinking about the scene in 2005 P&P where Darcy hands Elizabeth into the carriage and then flexes his hand after?!???‬
  8. ‪When dictatorship is a fact, revolution is a duty. (Night Train to Lisbon)‬