Oh, you thought I was done with cringey boy stories? I'm not. I can do this forEVER. (Although in this one, I'm the cringeworthy party). @Adam-your turn.
  1. My first kiss was in a classroom in front of my English teacher.
  2. I was 16 and a sophomore in high school taking drama as my elective. There was a junior named Scott in my drama class.
  3. My crush on Scott was immense. My heart would fall out of my chest when he even looked at me.
    Not that he looked at me much, but when he did, I'd lose it.
  4. We were doing "Fools" by Neil Simon for the spring play, and my drama teacher, Dr. Moll, required everyone to audition as part of their grade.
    So I auditioned, and I read for the part of the female lead's mom.
  5. I showed up to drama class one Monday,and the cast list was taped outside the door. Instead of the part I'd tried out for, I'd gotten the part of Sophia Zobritzky.
    She's the beautiful idiot daughter of the town's doctor. Later, my drama teacher would tell me she cast me in that role because I was so innocent and also because she could tell I would have chemistry with Scott. (Did she ship us? 🤔)
  6. Scott was cast as Leon.
    The schoolteacher who comes to town to educate Sophia and break the curse. In order to break the curse they have to FALL IN LOVE. ON STAGE.
  7. Sophia and Leon
    From some random production I just googled.
  8. I may have had a small conniption fit in the hallway. I may have run to the bathroom to lock myself in a stall to fistpump at the sky.
  9. Our high school was doing "Fools" with two casts, and my best friend Jillian was cast as Sophia for the other night.
    She heard a rumor from an upperclassman that we would be keeping the kissing scene IN the play and not subbing a cheek kiss in. Obviously she called me immediately and we screamed together.
  10. A few days after the big kiss announcement, Scott stopped me in the hallway on his way to baseball practice.
    He already had the uniform on, y'all. 😍
  11. Scott: Hey, can I talk to you for a second?
  12. Me, dying: Oh! Yeah, okay, yeah. Sure. Yes.
  13. Scott: So... I was just thinking, and I know Dr. Moll said that the kiss would be quick and sorta on the cheek, but I wanted to see if you were okay with me kissing you for real?
  14. Me, gasping, my brain short circuiting: For... real?!
  15. Scott: Only if you want to! But I think it'll look a lot better on stage if I kiss you on the mouth instead of on the cheek near your mouth.
    He was looking at my mouth by then and I was officially DOA.
  16. Me, trying desperately to be blasé: umm, yeah, that's... I think I would be okay with that.
  17. Scott: I just thought I'd ask first before I did it, you know?
    He then WINKED at me and punched me lightly on the shoulder
  18. Scott: See ya later, Sims.
  19. He walked down the hall and out the door and I literally slid down the wall in a heap.
  20. A few weeks later, we were rehearsing Sophia and Leon's longest scene and Dr. Moll had us blocking out our movements. There's a part where Sophia's on her balcony and Leon climbs up for a kiss.
    So obviously Dr. Moll makes me stand on a desk and then has Scott CLIMB UP THE DESK AND STAND ON THE SEAT WITH ME. With our height difference, we were at eye level with each other.
  21. He slowly leaned in and I remember my hands visibly shaking. He kissed the very corner of my mouth, and I almost fell off the desk.
    My face flushed bright red, and Dr. Moll pronounced it good enough that we didn't have to rehearse anymore.
  22. I thought about that half-kiss for a week. Anytime I'd see him in the halls at school I'd go scarlet.
    If that's how I felt when he hadn't kissed me squarely on the lips, what was I going to do when he kissed me for real on stage?
  23. 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
  24. By the night of the play, I'd imagined a thousand different scenarios, all overwhelming and embarrassing.
  25. When Scott climbed up the balcony (makeshift terrace), and leaned towards me for the kiss,
  26. Sheer instinct took over and I turned my face to the side so he got a mouthful of hair and my earlobe. 😱
  27. Dear Scott [last name REDACTED], if you find this now, I'm sorry!!
    I loved you too damn much to kiss you in front of both God and my grandparents.
  28. Here's a candid Prom photo of us that made it in our yearbook for some reason.
  29. P.S. my first real, non-scripted kiss didn't happen for another year and a half.
    And it took two attempts to get right.