Texting with @katiesham gave me this list idea. 😍 Today is my sister's 27th birthday- she's one of the best things I have.
  1. You're just 16 months apart so you are a unit of one.
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    You stick together. She's got you.
  2. All of her friends are your friends.
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    You make some friends too, but she's so good at it and happy to let you tag along so you do!
  3. She coaches you on how to say what you want to say.
    Sometimes she will help you write down what you want to say before you have to call someone back. And she will sit with you at the dining room table when you pick up the phone to dial.
  4. Then you go to separate schools and for the first time you're not sure how to meet people or gather social groups?
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    But guess what! For your high school graduation, your sister gives you a book full of quotes about sisters. And she pastes pictures of you two in. And she writes little notes everywhere. And you keep it with you your entire freshman year.
  5. She has so many friends already at college?
  6. You have, like, 2? Including that guy that gave you his number in the dining hall?
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    He's not your friend. You call her and she reminds you that friends are not a contest. And she will always be your friend.
  7. She is your biggest cheerleader.
    And always brings you into the conversation or introduces you by telling other people things you've done she's proud of.
  8. She's the sassafrass when you're too shy to say hello to people.
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  9. She will win Homecoming Queen!👑 She will be prouder that you got on homecoming court and didn't win. She will let you wear her tiara.
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  10. Happy birthday, Sarah.
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  11. I love you most of all. 💓