I went to a nice restaurant tonight and completely lost all cool in the parking lot.
  1. Pulled up to the valet stand
    Be cool, be cool.
  2. Put my car in park
    No, wait.
  3. Put my car back in drive
    Yeah that's better.
  4. Turned my car off
    Shit. Why did I just turn my car off???
  5. Rolled down the window
    OH my GOD wrong button.
  6. Yelled "I'm trying!" through the open window
    It's really important that Quincy the valet guy knows I'm not a total puff head and I'm genuinely trying but everything is falling apart!!!!!! I will never leave this car!!!
  7. Rolled up the window
    Ok get back on track.
  8. Turned my car back on
    Yup, whole point of valet is to drive the car to a second location.
  9. Locked the door when I was trying to unlock it
    Dammit Anna.
  10. Unlocked the door
    Okay now we're doing it.
  11. Opened the door
  12. Exited the car
    Ears burning.
  13. 😐😐😐😶💀