What I've Been Up to for the Last 40 Days

  1. Hi ListApp,
    It's me, Anna!
  2. I made a pillow for my chair out of a placemat.
    All about minimizing hand sewing time, ya feel?
  3. I ran out of contacts in February and have worn my glasses daily for a month.
  4. Like, every damn day.
    Contacts are in the budget for April though, I can tell you that right now.
  5. I've been taking evening walks a lot- on St. Patrick's day I schlepped a book and read beneath a tree in Piedmont Park.
    Not incredibly comfortable, but very picturesque. Something I'd only do again if I was instagramming it.
  6. Went to NYC and took this very touristy picture!
  7. Got tipsy on Mai Tais with my college friend and then took the subway with her boss?
  8. Went to @strandbookstore and blew all my cash!
  9. Hosted my childhood best friend for a Valentine's Day weekend full of our favorite things.
    We brunched and watched Scrotal Recall, went record store shopping, tried on vintage dresses, drank so many lattes and gossiped about high school friends over red wine.
  10. Found this """"artifact""""
    Which is basically fan fiction I wrote about my childhood bff (that's her in the pink sweater 👆🏼) when we were 15. What a treasure! Everything I wrote about New York is trash though.
  11. I mended some relationships that I thought were past repair. Turns out saying "I'm sorry" doesn't have an expiration date.
  12. I finished my bar cart.
    I had to get glass cut for the top of this cart, but I finally did it! And now I can make you all Manhattans or gin and tonics. Those are the only cocktails on offer at my home.
  13. My sister sent a bunch of childhood pictures of me- this is my favorite.
  14. I turned my crushlike feelings into a normal adult friendship where we discuss books and eat breakfast some weekends and go to the library and mock each other via selfies.
    This was one Saturday morning- the coffeeshop we were going to meet at was closed so we spent forever at Waffle House and then he took pictures of architecture like a real nerd.
  15. My Christmas Cactus bloomed for the first time and I've had this plant for 2 full years.
    🌵🌺 if this is a metaphor I will take it.
  16. I celebrated Easter with my family and my dad took this blurry picture of my and my brother! I'm 25 and still get Easter baskets and I hope it never ends.
  17. I booked a flight to Little Rock for April. My grandparents are celebrating their 60th anniversary in August and I'm going to interview them for a weekend.
    I'm writing a handful of memoir/essays about them and making it into a book with their old family photos.
  18. And now I'm back and ready to smooch you all by liking your lists and commenting all over them 💞