Requested by @roche
Ok @roche, let's do this. For reference, here's My Top 10 Films
  1. This scene could be the whole list, I laugh every time.
  2. But the heat is on, so I'll continue.
  3. Eddie Murphy is hilarious and so good at physical comedy
    The scene where he's stuffing bananas in the tailpipe? 🍌and right before that when he gets the bananas from the hotel buffet? So good.
  4. Axel is a style icon, as I listed about here:
    My Style Icons 📁 get a Casio and a grey sweatshirt.
  5. It was directed by Martin Brest, who later directed everyone's favorite flop Gigli and hasn't been heard from since.
    This isn't why it's a favorite but it is a fact.
  6. The theme song is a certified jam.
  7. For being a cop movie, it cheers me up every time, and that's not nothing.