1. A fashion desginer
    Barbie's fashion design computer game really shaped my development as a child
  2. A zoologist
    I liked animals, and I didn't want to be a vet, and a zoologist is a big word for a five year old to know, so I liked telling people that's what I wanted to be. Plus, kangaroos were pretty great
  3. ???????????
    For like 5 years, I was kind of stuck between not wanting to be a zoologist and not wanting to be anything else
  4. A therapist
    I think I was projecting what I actually needed at that time into my future dreams. Plus, with the exception of my voice breaking every time, I was exceptionally good at maintaining my composure when my dad yelled at me. I would actually be a shitty therapist.
  5. Psychologist
    Better choice than a therapist. Still has to do with the human brain.
  6. Doctor
    I am pretty sure that this idea happened because greys anatomy made it look cool, but it happened, and I had myself convinced that that is what I wanted to be for an entire semester
  7. A vet
    Realized I liked animals more than people. Still had to do with medicine. Was already volunteering with animals at the time. It just made sense