1. Trump - He's a liar, he bankrupted companies off the back of tax paying citizens, he is only in it for himself
  2. Republicans do not and have not ever cared about the average citizen-they've been on the wrong side of every issue-OT pay, Minimum Wage, 5 day/40 hr workweeks, Civil Rights
  3. Republicans vote in higher taxes on the poor EVERY time
  4. Bait & Switch—Abortion will always be legal, guns will always be available-Republicans lie
  5. Want to keep Social Security & fund it? —Vote Democrats since they believe your money deducted from your paycheck since you started working should be available for you when you retire
  6. Universal Healthcare-The United States Republicans believe you should just shut up and die-Democrats work for healthcare for all.
  7. Middle East—These wars have been ongoing for 1500+ years-Pull out of these countries & stop our men and women from dying needlessly
  8. Veteran Care-Republicans want our warriors to shut up and die because now they need monetary support to acclimate back into society with physical and mental wounds
  9. There is not one good reason to vote Republican