Happy birthday to you @vanessamarie
  1. She is brave and independent.
    No way could I travel like she has on her own.
  2. She thinks I'm funny.
    One of my favorite things in the world is making her laugh.
  3. She doesn't take shit from anyone.
  4. She's not afraid of our dad.
  5. She listens without judging.
  6. She's always up for a good time.
    Whether it's getting a drink or binge watching tv.
  7. I can text her @mindy quotes all day and she has liked the same ones.
  8. She is so incredibly smart.
  9. We don't always have to talk when we're together.
  10. We run at the same pace.
    She's my favorite exercise partner.
  11. She has good style.
  12. She gets along with my husband.
  13. She lets me be me and accepts me no matter what.
  14. She's my person.