1. Dirty North-14 North
    Vodka, hand stuffed Gorgonzola olives (this makes a difference), ice cold. Also served in a highball glass, which I think keeps it cold longer and it is more fun to drink.
  2. Little Drop of Poison-Open Range
    All the drinks at Open Range go above and beyond but this is my favorite. Gin, honey, lemon and rosemary smoke. Served over one large rock. I love how you can taste/smell the smoke as you drink it. None of the drinks at Open Range are watered down and they take great care in creating their masterpieces.
  3. Charred Barrel Aged Old Fashioned-Open Range
    Another amazing drink. Smooth whiskey, not overpowering and not too sweet at all. Served over one large rock, which is key.
  4. Huckleberry Press-BozemanDistillery
    A vodka press but better. Montana made huckleberry vodka, muddled huckleberries, lime, soda and a splash of Sprite. Refreshing and not too sweet.
  5. c.c-Plonk
    House infused cucumber vodka, muddled cilantro and cucumber. Fresh lemon lime. Refreshing, not too sweet, and goes down easy.