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  1. This
  2. Also this one
  3. This one too
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  1. Bootylicious
  2. The Golden Girls Theme Song
  3. Bitch Better Have My Money
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  1. I carry cough drops in my purse
  2. I'm on thyroid medication
  3. My drink of choice: Ginger Ale
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  1. 1.
    I've never done this! I need human contact to survive!
  1. 1.
    The homophobic undertones
  2. 2.
    That's it
  1. I have anxiety
  2. I regularly organize my car/purse at red lights
  3. I cried for a week when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston broke up
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  1. Niomi
  2. Namoe
  3. Sweetheart
Because what else am I supposed to do with these photos?
  1. Me on front porch
  2. Me poolside🍸
  3. Me @ gardens #nomakeup
  4. Me @ gardens again, different day #tbt
  1. A dog from India
  2. A dog from Peru
  3. A dog from Paris
  1. Bounced a basketball off my chest repeatedly towards a group of boys during lunch in 8th grade
  2. Wore Princess Leia buns to school every day for a solid few weeks as to impress one boy and I had never seen Star Wars
  3. Held a sleeping boys hand in 1st grade and when he called me out on it, I aggressively denied it
  4. Just commented on how my current boyfriend is "showing a lot of leg"