Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

  1. I got a Glock in my Rari
    I googled "I got a Glock in my Rari because I wanted to see a pic of Fetty Wap playing a glockenspiel in a Ferrari. Instead I found way too many wall decals of those lyrics. I'm legitimately worried about people.
  2. Taco selfie sister
    I can't decide if snapchat is wonderful or terrible. Maybe both?
  3. #RealDancing
    I think Chris D'Elia's #RealDancing is so funny.
  4. Man bun selfie brother
    I've never been prouder, @dangerneel!
  5. Bear Grillz
    I don't even know anymore, you guys. I guess it's a band... Or a guy... Who pretends to be a bear. And makes EDM. And is coming to Indy in the Fall. I can't keep up with the Internet sometimes.
  6. Boomer Phelps
    My roommate & I frequently discuss unique baby names. Usually the babies were born to our friends and acquaintances. But sometimes their parents are celebrities, as is the case for Boomer Phelps.
  7. Most ridiculous TV show I've ever binged
    I recently watched all 6 seasons of Drop Dead Diva in like 2 weeks. It was so cheesy and dramatic but I just couldn't quit it. They even had a Medieval Times themed episode which I screenshot and sent as a teaser to my sister who I roped into watching the show as well.