The first time in many years that I feel like saying that it's been a great year for cinema.
  1. Goodbye to Language by Jean-Luc Godard
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  2. Blackhat by Michael Mann
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  3. Inherent Vice by Paul Thomas Anderson
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  4. Sicario by Denis Villeneuve
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  5. Ex Machina by Alex Garland
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  6. It Follows by David Robert Mitchell
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  7. The Martian by Ridley Scott
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  8. Goodnight Mommy by Veronika Franziska & Severin Fiala
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  9. Amy by Asif Kapadia
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  10. Citizenfour by Laura Poitras
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  11. While We're Young by Noah Baumbach
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  12. Two Step by Alex R. Johnson
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  13. The Overnight by Patrick Brice
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  14. Good Kill by Andrew Niccol
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