I put the title in lower case because all caps seemed too enthusiastic.
  1. Heard back from the financial aid office that we didn't get any money from FAFSA. They rubbed salt in the wound by letting us know that we were "just out of the eligibility bracket"
  2. Currently packing for a move that was supposed to happen on Saturday. Then tomorrow. Now not until Thursday.
    School starts in a week and I can't stop thinking "I could have been unpacked in my new place right now"
  3. Trying to write a research paper about a topic I don't care about. This wouldn't be a big deal if I didn't have all the other stuff going on.
  4. There are lots of errands I would like to run but my driver's license expired. Now I have to go to the DMV on Friday and retake the test.
    Which would have been almost a week after my move but now it's THE NEXT DAY. Ugh. PS: The reason I didn't renew it is because I had to change my name and I'm changing the state of my license. It's complicated. Don't judge me for the procrastination.
  5. And maybe it's the wrong time of month, but I'm pretty sure everyone just got drastically more annoying.