Argentines LOVE their mate (even half Argentines, like me)
  1. Behold, yerba mate, the beautiful beverage.
  2. It isn't drugs. It's a type of traditional tea mostly found in South America.
    Have I been asked "do you have a marijuana license?" during a stop for speeding? Yes. It looks sketchy.
  3. It's prepared by pouring the loose leaves into the gourd and adding hot (but not boiling) water and sugar.
  4. I don't drink coffee so mate provides me with some caffeine to get through my day.
  5. When you drink it with friends, you all share one cup (called a mate) and take turns drinking from it. It's such a fun social way to drink!
    It also has led to the creation of the saying "el mate no es micrófono" (mate isn't a microphone) because if someone has the cup and is telling a story, no one else gets to drink from it until they are done! Rude.
  6. It comes in lots of flavors besides just the original type!
    Currently my favorite kinds are regular, pomelo (grapefruit), and hierbas serranas (mountain herbs)
  7. Obama tried it recently and he liked it!
  8. It pairs perfectly with (well, anything) but especially breakfast food like bread and scones.
    Pictured: alfajores, another food Argentines love
  9. If you read this far, thanks for letting me teach you a little something about my culture!
    Now go to your local Latino market and buy some yerba!