1. I listen to about six hours of podcasts every day at work and I realized today that they are all pretty serious.
  2. I need some comedic relief during my day!
  3. Please add your favorite funny podcasts to this list and help me out!
  4. The Great Debates is a podcast where the hosts debate ridiculous topics. I recommend starting with episode 64, which has guests John Mayer and BJ Novak debating topics like Donald Trump Has a Therapist, Truckers Have It All, and Men Shouldn't Use Emojis.
    Suggested by @maxmakeslists
  5. Can't go wrong with Comedy Bang Bang, Spontaneonation, or How Did This Get Made
    Suggested by @roche
  6. If you like true crime, My Favorite Murder is too good. My other top comedy ones at the moment are Beef and Dairy Network and Throwing Shade.
    Suggested by @spaghetti
  7. Dead Authors Podcast
    Comedians improv as famous (dead) authors that have been brought to the future via a time machine.
    Suggested by @kamina
  8. Getting On with James Urbaniak
    James reads short stories by great writers. This is my all time favorite podcast.
    Suggested by @kamina
  9. Judge John Hodgman
    Hodgman settles silly disagreements between friends.
    Suggested by @kamina