1. Someone says how hungry they are and everyone else agrees.
  2. Someone suggests ordering pizza.
  3. Everyone says how dumb that idea is because "we order pizza every week" and "it's time to be more healthy"
  4. Various alternatives are brought forward, all of which are very good options.
  5. The group splits between two of the choices, then after a debate, everyone starts to lean towards two completely different ideas.
  6. Someone's stomach growls. It has been nearly an hour since the discussion began.
  7. Someone makes a valiant attempt to find food in the cupboard that requires no preparation whatsoever. They fail.
  8. Someone claims that they are no longer hungry, at which point everyone else realizes how hungry they are.
  9. Someone says: "Guys, I'm too hungry to think or move. Let's just order a pizza."
  10. Approximately 35-45 minutes later, the doorbell rings and the pizza arrives.