all the cool kids were doing it.
  1. Hello! My name is Aislin.
    I'm not obsessed with Charlie Brown, I just wanted to use the same picture as my profile for consistency.
  2. Yes, like Aslan. (except not the same at all. that's a topic for a different list.)
  3. I'm a college senior studying English linguistics and editing.
    Word nerd
  4. My bucket list mainly consists of books to read and languages to learn.
    Book suggestions are ALWAYS welcomed and greatly appreciated
  5. I'm also a newlywed (aww 😍)
  6. I'm an anxious introvert. I like to commiserate with other anxious introverts.
    Extroverts are just as great. Love you, wild crazy friends!
  7. Cute dog pictures make me cry a little.
    I want a dog but my apartment doesn't allow them so I torture myself on the internet.
  8. I'm love this app already and I've had it for 24 hours. It seems awesome and everyone seems so nice and welcoming. 😊