1. Glaze
    This word makes my mouth water even if I'm not hungry. Plus the word sounds nice.
  2. Bubble
    It's a happy word.
  3. Cancelled
    I don't have any particular love for the word itself, but what it means (usually) is instant joy and relief.
  4. Flutter
    It has a really nice sound. But more importantly, it reminds me of that feeling in your chest that only comes when you're truly excited for something. Or in love.
  5. Recognize
    This one's weird, I know. But it was the first word I ever stopped to think about (a long long time ago). Re = again. Cogn = brain or mind related. I understood WHY the word existed and that blew my mind. I'm pretty sure everyone I knew got sick of me explaining this silly word to them. I've been a linguist ever since.
  6. Melody
    Music is important to me and this word is just so pretty. Me-lo-dy. The word is like a song.