seriously. why is the only thing that can save the world at the top of a large tower?
  1. Big bad guy threatens LITERALLY ENTIRE WORLD
    Or just NYC
  2. Extra scare points if bad guy is bald or foreign
  3. Quiet or quirky person transforms into stretchy-pants-wearing superhero
  4. Enter classically beautiful woman
  5. She may or may not serve an actual purpose
  6. Lots of tiny details you only understand if you've been painstakingly paying attention to every other movie and comic set in the same universe
  7. A few actually funny moments that cease to be funny after everyone talks about them
  8. Too many action scenes
  9. Final scene: the only way to save the world is to push the button/pull the lever located on top of the tall building that is on fire/guarded by a monster/falling down
  10. BONUS ENDING: is Our Hero dead? Wait until the next movie (that's already announced) to find out that he isn't!