1. Something comes up that needs to be said.
  2. For some reason, there is uncertainty involved. This can range from slight discomfort to full panic.
  3. Write a first draft of the message. Delete it and rewrite many times. The final form is very similar to the original.
  4. Hover your finger over the send button.
  5. Panic some more. Possibly set your phone down and walk away.
  6. Ponder everything that could possibly go wrong if you send the message.
  7. Think of all the reasons you need to say the things you have written.
  8. In a burst of adrenaline, hit send.
  9. Send a freaked-out message to someone else exclaiming that you finally did it.
  10. Panic again as you check to make sure the second message wasn't sent to the same person as the risky message.
  11. Wait.
  12. Keep waiting.
  13. Is a slow response good or bad?
  14. The wait continues.