1. I had a few rough days last week where I mostly sat at home doing nothing.
  2. So today, I want to make a list of the little things I was able to do or that happened to encourage me to keep going strong.
  3. First of all, I actually went to work today.
    And got there on time!
  4. I ate a healthy breakfast and drank some water.
    The days I can get myself going with food are always better days.
  5. My clothes are clean and they match.
    After days of being stuck sick at home in pajamas, this is a big deal.
  6. I made small talk with my coworkers instead of ignoring them and remaining in my bubble.
  7. I helped my foreign friend learn an English idiom.
    Teaching someone and knowing that they understand you is an amazing feeling.
  8. I haven't cried or freaked out at all today.
    Usually by now at least one of those things has occurred.
  9. I was able to see the value in the work I was doing.
    Sometimes my job feels repetitive and useless, but today I felt like I was making a difference.