1. When most people think of Seasonal Affective Disorder, they think of the crippling depression some people face in the winter.
  2. This is a challenge that many people face with varying degrees of success. Some days are harder than others. This is a real condition. My heart goes out to those who have this trial in their life.
  3. What many people don't realize is that SAD can also hit in the summer.
  4. Summertime sadness, summer mania, "reverse" SAD. Whatever you want to call it.
  5. As the weather gets warmer, the anxiety grows. The many months of summer loom ahead and each year it seems like an insurmountable obstacle.
  6. It's worsened by the fact that everybody else seems to be overjoyed with the changing seasons.
  7. "Finally!" they say, "We can go on adventures and have pool parties and live it up!"
  8. And the sufferer pretends to agree but secretly wishes everyone understood their struggle.
  9. The crushing heat that greets them when they wake up and doesn't leave them all day.
  10. The pressure to have the Best Summer Ever.
  11. The constant social stimulation and stream of parties that now go into the night because of the warmer weather.
  12. The increase of insects that cause them to panic each time they leave the house.
  13. The body image issues that can arise during swimsuit season.
  14. The cost of everything and the financial stress that follows.
  15. Summer is a difficult time for many people.
  16. If someone you know seems especially anxious, irritable, and closed-off during the summer months, just love them. Ask them what they need to have a positive summer. Don't pressure them into doing anything they don't want to do. Definitely don't mock them for their behavior or feelings.