Inspired by everyone else who did it.
  1. Winter > Summer
  2. The best friends you'll ever have are often the people you initially dislike.
  3. If all you do in a day is make the bed, you have succeeded.
  4. It's rude to be on your phone during a sit-down dinner. Mealtimes are for talking and bonding and eating, not for tweeting and listing.
  5. Washing dishes by hand is more convenient than using a dishwasher.
  6. If someone tells you a secret in confidence, you shouldn't spread it around, even if you break up with/stop being friends with/move far away from that person.
  7. Your family should be a safe space where you feel loved. Everyone deserves a family, even if that family can't be biological. If you know someone who doesn't have that support network, be their family.
  8. Harry Potter > Lord of the Rings > Star Wars
  9. Artificial watermelon and real watermelon taste incredibly different but are both amazing.
  10. Everyone should learn a foreign language if they have the opportunity. The people who tease non-native English speakers for their little mistakes should be required to learn a really hard language and then go to that country and try to get by. That'll teach them.
  11. Doing puzzles relieves stress better than almost anything else.
  12. Pepperoni pizza and root beer go together perfectly.
  13. It's okay to take mental health days. As many as you need.
  14. You can learn at least one new thing from everyone you meet.