1. I've been on this app for a few months, posting somewhat regularly (on the infrequent side of average) and liking/relisting all the time
  2. I've had two trending lists and it made me happier than I care to admit (you've felt the rush of the notification too)
  3. I downloaded this app as soon as it was available on Android and I'm so glad I did! It's an uncorrupted social media, so rare these days.
  4. I feel this strange sense of attachment to people I've never met or talked to. When you guys post lists about succeeding or achieving a goal or simply having a good day, the happiness is contagious! Similarly, when I see someone is having a bad day, it makes me wonder how many people in my everyday life are also struggling behind the scenes.
  5. Basically, my experience on Li.st has been nothing but positive. Everyone here rocks.
  6. PS if you thought this was going to be a desperate plea for two more people to follow me, you were right. I'm so close to 100 🎉😘