Or, you know... relevant experience...
  1. OPI Polish Namer
    I'm creative and I love their polish.
  2. Cracker Barrel Decor Buyer
    Buying rusty farm implements and old detergent boxes for the walls of Cracker Barrel. Someone is doing this. Why not me?
  3. Professional Speaker
    I could do conferences, tradeshows... just - pay me to shoot the shit.
  4. Stand Up Comedian
    Pay me to shoot funnier shit.
  5. Animal Shelter Volunteer
    Petting animals for fun and no profit.
  6. Party Planner
    Only, no weddings or kid parties.
  7. Grocery List Maker
    I make killer grocery lists. Organized by store layout.
  8. Television Host
    Either a talk show or a how-to of some kind.
  9. Think Tank Consultant
    Brainstorming, making it rain.
  10. Housewife
    Just long enough for me to get the place on order.
  11. Lawyer
    Because I think I could.