I'm getting a reputation for this.
  1. Garrett's Popcorn - Windy City Mix; Chicago, IL
    Half cheese, half caramel - all delicious.
  2. Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizza; Chicago, IL
    I bring this often enough that I have an insulated bag from Jewel-Osco specifically for this purpose.
  3. Schmidt Haus Sausage; Columbus, OH
    The guy at TSA even said, "Someone went to Schmidt's!"
  4. Voo Doo Donuts; Portland, OR
    And they survived a red-eye home.
  5. Tamales - H-E-B; Dallas, TX
    Frozen. And tasty.
  6. Canned Salmon, Blueberry Tea and Sourdough Starter; Wasilla, Alaska
    My colleagues all got a little something for Christmas.
  7. HotLicks (scorpion lollipops); Phoenix, AZ
    From the airport, with love.
  8. Armadillo Eggs - Andy's Hawg Wild; Pasadena, TX
    A cream cheese stuffed jalapeno, wrapped in sausage, wrapped in jalapeno bacon, deep fried.
  9. Salt Water Taffy; Monterey, CA
    For my co-workers
  10. Chicken Shit; Monterey, CA
    For personal use. A poultry seasoning.
  11. Assorted gummy candy - Chutter's Candy Counter; Littleton, NH
    The world's longest candy counter!
  12. Best-Maid Pickles; Houston, TX
    For a pregnant colleague.
  13. Lemon Drops; Denver, CO
    Or did I?