(In a good way)
  1. Woke up at 6:41.
    Couldn't get back to sleep.
  2. Started some laundry.
  3. Read a few articles online.
    And a few comic strips. Ah, Mary Worth!
  4. Around 8:45, felt tired, took a 45 minute nap
    Set the alarm and everything.
  5. Left to pick my dog up from the kennel.
    We were stoked to see each other.
  6. Came home and while she napped, I cleaned.
    I didn't vacuum yet. She hates the vacuum.
  7. I watched a few episodes of Blackish.
    Love that show.
  8. Cleaned some more.
    Plus, more laundry.
  9. Caught up on Amy Schumer.
    Love her.
  10. Put away lots of laundry.
    Dog still napping.
  11. Called Mom.
    She was making a taco salad for dinner.
  12. Gave the dog a bath.
    She hated the bath, loves being clean.
  13. Dog napped, I went to get dinner.
    Taco Bell, thanks to subliminal messaging from Mom.
  14. Put more laundry in.
    It never ends.
  15. Unloaded/Realoaded the dishwasher.
    It also never ends.
  16. Read a magazine.
    Dog sleeping and dreaming.
  17. Getting ready for bed.
    I'll hit it hard tomorrow.
  18. Dog still asleep.
    Good girl.