(what can I say...I'm sheltered)
  1. A Clockwork Orange
    No time for that, luv. I've just come to read the meter.
  2. The Godfather
    Infinitely quotable
  3. The Godfather 2
    Watch young Diane Keaton lose her shit
  4. Some Like it Hot
    Nobody's perfect
  5. Blade Runner
    All versions. What's a tortoise?
  6. Goodfellas
    A natural progression from the Godfathers
  7. Wish You Were Here
    I hope your finger stinks
  8. The Wild Bunch
    On the scale on 1-10 this is a solid Borg9.
  9. High Noon
    Do not forsake me, oh my darlin'.
  10. Eraserhead
    I walked out of the room the first time he tried to show it to me. Prevailed on the second try. HATED IT.
  11. The Bicycle Thief
    Hated the ending. Really.
  12. Bridge on the River Kwai
    William Holden. Holden on.
  13. Seven Samurai
    Are you getting the idea my husband likes capital F films?