A history, a love story...
  1. Cujo
    This was the name her first owners gave her. I found this out reading her file at the Humane Society. She knocked over their kid and stood on him, which is how she ended up there.
  2. Oreo
    The Humane Society wisely rebranded her from Cujo. Given her black and whiteness, not a reach.
  3. Piper
    My husband said that there was no way that he, a white guy, would be calling out for Oreo in our predominantly black neighborhood. We settled on Piper Rinne (Rinne being the goalie of the Nashville Predators).
  4. Doodlebug
    I call her this constantly.
  5. Catdog
    When she walks across the back of the couch in a catlike matter.
  6. Long Dog
    Because she's long, and stretches out even longer.
  7. Hog Dog
    No idea how it started...
  8. Beasto
  9. Dumb Brute
    My husband's great aunt used to say, "Be nice to dumb brutes - they are God's creatures."
  10. A dog by any other name would still be as sweet...
    And fuzzy