1. Tops that have no shape to them
    As a woman of size, that can be a challenge. I need some tailoring, just not super bodycon.
  2. People who say shit like, "I'm not trying to push you to do X", as they are pushing me to do X
    I am not referring to the club drug ecstasy, here.
  3. Trips to customer sites in geographically inconvenient places
    Davenport, Iowa and Sheboygan Wisconsin... for starters.
  4. Trips to customer sites, period
    Time for a new job.
  5. Calories
    But damn it. When you're trying to kill time in the midwest, ice cream really makes it less crappy.
  6. Sleepless nights
    The quinta in La Quinta refers to the five times you'll wake up each night.
  7. Emails from my perky colleague
    Thanks for the group email with fun facts about whatever.
  8. HGTV
    The lure of House Hunters is strong.
  9. Angry outburts
    The car rental agent isn't a therapist and isn't paid enough to listen to you bitch about your company not letting you do the fuel option.
  10. Grief
    It's pointless to wonder what Dad would have thought of the elections or what job advice he would have given me. Onward.
  11. Election coverage
    I just need to gut it out for...five more months?
  12. Bug bites
    Which I hope are mosquito only...