He's a really good therapist... but I can't not call him a shrink.
  1. That bitch is in the chair I usually sit in.
  2. Did I get the time wrong?
  3. Did I get the day wrong?
  4. Did my email file synch up with LinkedIn and invite my shrink to connect?
  5. Should I apologize to him?
  6. What am I going to make sure we talk about today?
  7. Ah, she's here waiting on her kid. She's going in to chat with my shrink. Eating into my time...
  8. I wish I had some closure on that job I've spent the past month interviewing for.
  9. Oh, look - I just got an email!
  10. It's a rejection letter for that job I've spent the last month interviewing for.
  11. A really nice rejection letter but...
  12. Well, I guess I know what we'll be talking about today.