Belmont Blvd. Nashville, TN
  1. Cute tile floors
    Just like our bathroom!
  2. Glad I brushed my teeth - just ran into a co-worker.
    Curses, small town life!
  3. Wish I had showered and washed my hair.
    She doesn't care, but...
  4. Yep, this place is fancy, minimalist.
  5. Sunflower is *not* a proper bagel.
    It just isn't.
  6. No rye?
    Yes, I see you have pumpernickel. Not the same thing.
  7. You sell your cream cheese in 1/3 pounds?
    Because it's easier than 1/4 pounds... and more profitable.
  8. You just shortened jalapeno to *jap*.
    Uh... the 1/4 Jew in me just died a little.
  9. You don't know how much my 1/3 pound of cream cheese will be til you weigh it?
    Then it really isn't 1/3 of a pound, is it? Cheaters.
  10. Yes, I bought a "Spinach Everything"... for the husband.
    He's a lapsed Baptist.
  11. Your baked goods are the best looking thing in here.
    That s'more bar...
  12. I miss Bagelicious in Atlanta.
    And Bagel Break. And Bagel Palace.
  13. Woman in a Bernie shirt.
    There's hope.
  14. $15 for bagels and a heavy 1/3 pound of cream cheese? Really?
    I miss Bagelicious.
  15. And the bagels aren't even warm.
    I miss Bagelicious.
  16. These better be off the hook good.
  17. OK, the pumpernickel *does* have caraway seeds.
    But it still isn't rye...
  18. My co-worker left, so no awkward exit convo.
  19. They look bready.
    I hope they're better than Panera.
  20. Yes, husband, of course I got you a salt bagel.
    Wife of the Year!
  21. Shmear's solid.
    Black and green olives. I like.
  22. Bagels are good.
    Maybe not Bagelicious good... but close.
  23. This might work...
    Pricey, but we don't eat bagels too often.
  24. Just... get some rye going.
    And don't get too cute with the cream cheese...maple bacon?