1. Relache Spa - Opryland Hotel
    Eucalyptus steam room, great massages
  2. Baja Burrito
    I will wait in line for cheap awesome salad, thanks!
  3. Las Paletas
    Best f***ing thing in 12South!
  4. McKays Books
    A great way to kill a few hours.
  5. Radnor Lake
    So gorgeous. So charming. See also Warner Parks.
  6. Monell's
    Breakfast that includes fried chicken? Heck yeah!
  7. Nashville Farmers Market
    Best Saturday in town.
  8. Peg Leg Porker
    Q in Midtown, but not snooty. Try the pimiento cheese.
  9. Frugal McDougal's
    Great liquor store. Easy access to the Tennessee Social Club.