Am I right? Feel free to suggest more!
  1. The power to learn any language instantly.
    Then I'd know for SURE when people are talking about me on an elevators (paranoid much? I think not.)
  2. The power to be on time/early to anything.
    It's impossible otherwise.
  3. The power to stop time when showering.
    Long showers are the best until you get out and realize the day is basically over.
  4. The power to control how I drunk I get.
    Yeah, I know this can be controlled, but sometimes you have TWO drinks at your boyfriend's family Christmas dinner and sloppiness ensues. There needs to be a superpower to address these situations.
  5. The power to make healthy food taste like junk food.
    Yeah right, like you DON'T want your quinoa bowl to taste like Cheetos. Psh.
  6. The power to influence people's sense of humour to mine.
    Sometimes you just want people to laugh along without confusion in their eyes.
  7. The power to ignore and/or change the texture of a food you love the taste of.
    For example eggplant parmesan. Delicious but so slimy! Ew.
    Suggested by @denisevasquez
  8. The power to freeze my hairstyle at the perfect, two weeks after I had it cut, length.
    Suggested by @carlywei
  9. I want Kitty Pryde's power to move through things.
    I would have significantly less bumps and scrapes and so would my car.
    Suggested by @e
  10. I would want to manipulate my own gravity.
    Suggested by @khaleesi