I'm a fairly open book, and small talk is silly. So, if you enjoy these diverse topics of conversation, we cool.
  1. Poo.
    I don't know if it's because I work with kids, but I could talk about poo all day. No, I'm not gross, it's just fascinating and such a strong indicator of our health. I swear every female friend I know and their cousin have lower GI issues (we are in our 20's!!!) but people still blush when the topic comes up. Everybody poops, people.
  2. Uncomfortably hilarious sexual encounters.
    This topic if my favourite! Anytime I think about sex objectively, I can't help but cringe just a bit. It's great, but also the perfect instigator of some of the funniest stories I've heard/been a part of. And sharing those stories with your pals can make for a great time.
  3. Facial hair.
    I'm half Persian. The end.
  4. Your period/my period.
    WHY is this taboo?!? A woman's period is basically LIFE. Every time a friend of mine has given me this look 😒 when I bring up periods I wanna rage a little. You know whose else had their period!? YOUR MOTHER. So she could GIVE BIRTH TO YOU. (I know there's more involved, just making a point. )
  5. Religion/spirituality
    On a more serious note: My family is Baha'i, and while I do not participate in that faith, growing up with spiritual parents made a huge difference. I feel as though there's a lot of fear alongside open discussions surrounding spirituality and religion, and rightly so - the tension is real. Even so, open dialogue around what makes us feel connected can be a real revelation for resilience in ourselves and others.
  6. Intersectionality and Privilege.
    It blows my mind that these topics are still news to peeps, but I'm always stoked to talk it out with others. As a white, cisgender woman, I've lived my life alongside so much privilege that I still am deconstructing. It's how it goes: life is an constant for self-reflection and awareness, and participating in it together promoters strength and most importantly, allyship to others.
  7. Wine.
    Why I love it and how we should probably open a bottle....