1. Your pants will forever have paint/food/unidentifiable stains.
  2. When off work, you learn to tune out children screaming like white noise.
  3. You really root for parents at grocery stores.
    When I see an adult with a small child that is having a legit meltdown about cereal, I just want to give that parent a "you can do this!" hi-five.
  4. Your boundaries around cleaning food off people's faces blurs.
    The other day I almost offered to help my boyfriend wipe his nose. Yikes.
  5. You carry on conversations with the kids you work with like they're adults.
    "You threw his picture in the trash because he smelled funny? Girl U crazy!"
  6. You are sick. All of the time.
    Yes I have a cold. I will always have a cold. Kids are great but they can be gross and unintentionally weaken my immune system.