Inspiration from @DaveStrider
  1. Cookies baking in the oven🍪
  2. Chocolate cake baking in the oven
    Really anything baking in the oven
  3. Lemon!!🍋
  4. Berries🍓
  5. Orange🍊
  6. Peach
  7. Mango
  8. Apple
  9. Grapefruit
    Any fruity scent basically
  10. Coffee ☕️
    Smells better than it tastes, IMO
  11. Cooking with onions and garlic
  12. Bubble bath 🛁
    Any kind
  13. Fresh laundry
  14. Marshmallows
  15. Miami Glow
    J.Lo scent
  16. PINK: Sweet and Flirty
    Victoria's Secret body mist
  17. Juicy Couture fragrance
  18. Pine tree and other Christmassy scents
  19. Coconut scents
  20. Most colognes on men
    As long as it's not a ridiculous amount
  21. Any cat I've had in my lifetime
    Is this weird?
  22. My mom's skin, hair, clothes
    She always smells fantastic
  23. Outdoors in the summertime
    freshly cut grass, BBQ, etc.
  24. Sunscreen!