Inspired by @sarahmccoy and @Boogie 👍🏼
  1. You want to make sure everyone around you is totally comfortable and happy.
    You often ask people, 'You ok?'
  2. You overthink most of the decisions you make.
  3. The thought of turning 26 in a couple of months makes you nauseous because you're nowhere near where you expected to be at this age.
  4. Your favourite part of the day is being home in front of the TV with a good snack and a cat on your lap.
  5. You daydream about the things you'll eat later.
  6. You get told pretty often that you are a sweet/nice person.
  7. You are a teacher and wonder what it would be like to have a more chill desk job.
  8. You have the biggest sweet-tooth and pretty much see chocolate as an important food group.
    You don't understand how people are able to diet. You think maybe dieting is only for people who don't really care about food.
  9. You spend (or waste) a lot of free time watching celebrity interviews on YouTube or listening to them on podcasts.
  10. You have been a list-maker your entire life and have a lot of notebooks lying around.
  11. You feel lethargic and blue in the winter and then you come alive in the spring/summer.
    Mostly, although the sun tends to give you headaches, unfortunately.
  12. You wish people still wanted to play Mad Libs and boardgames with you.
  13. You have a song in your head almost always and repeat the same lines of those songs over and over again aloud, annoying the people around you.
    For some reason, the tune of Good King Wenceslas pops into your head all year round.
  14. You tap-danced most of your life. You still tap your feet all the time, annoying the people around you.
  15. Teaching people your own age or older gives you a bit of Imposter Syndrome.
  16. You are a private person and are hesitant about sharing stuff online.
    Like this.
  17. You feel nostalgic for when you were a kid and life was simpler and you were filled with so much energy and joy and goofiness!
  18. You are specifically nostalgic for the times you would come home from dance classes on Saturdays to catch new episodes of Trading Spaces.
  19. You like to write notes to people because it's easier for you to express how much you care about them through writing rather than speaking face-to-face.
  20. You really want to get your shit together, but you are lazy and you procrastinate.
  21. You have a tradition of watching award shows with your dad.
    Oscars on Sunday, yay!
  22. You like people doing things for you like pedicures, massages, haircuts, even dental cleanings.
  23. You are obsessed with the Christmas season for the traditions and gifts and food and joy, but are also an atheist.
  24. You spent an exciting year abroad and coming back to your hometown to live with your parents has been a difficult adjustment.
  25. You have officially caught the travel bug, and are planning your next trip. ✈️