I recently went climbing. If that wasn't obvious. I was good.
  1. Aid climbing
    A style of climbing in which standing on or pulling oneself up via devices attached to fixed or placed protection is used to make upward progress.
  2. Beta
    Advice on how to successfully complete (or protect) a particular climbing route, boulder problem, or crux sequence. Some climbers believe that beta 'taints' an ascent.
  3. Gumby
    An inexperienced, unknowledgeable and oblivious climber; is a derogatory term. Gumbies are incapable of learning.
  4. Heel hook
    Using the back of the heel to apply pressure to a hold, for balance or leverage; this technique requires pulling with the heel of a foot by flexing the hamstring. This technique is notable since in most forms of climbing one uses the toes to push.
  5. Jug hold
    A large, easily held hold. Also known simply as a jug.
  6. Problem
    Used in bouldering, the path that a climber takes in order to complete the climb. Same as route in roped climbing.
  7. "V"-grade
    A technical grading system for bouldering problems.
  8. Yosemite Decimal System
    A numerical system for rating the difficulty of walks, hikes, and climbs in the United States. The rock climbing (5.x) portion of the scale is the most common climb grading system used in the US. The scale starts with the easiest grades at 5.0 and is open-ended on the harder end.