If I were to become quite wealthy, in most any circumstance.
  1. Land
    Preferably 100+ acres in the rural south. In more than one parcel.
  2. Food
    For a Guatemalan village or three.
  3. Materials to build a house
    I'm going to build it myself.
  4. Boat
    A canoe, probably. Or just one of all kinds of boats.
  5. Jeep
    An old jeep. Four wheel drive. Manual transmission.
  6. Animals
    Goats, chickens, rabbits, and two cows.
  7. A state park
    Not in the sense of ownership, but sponsoring.
    Adding to my portfolio.
  9. Tractor
    And accessories. For the land.
  10. An energy drink for Asian homosexuals
    I'm a fan of The office, what can I say?