I'm good at some things. Here they are.
  1. Cooking
    I make a mean casserole.
  2. Knot tying
    And most other forms of bushcraft. Thanks, Boy Scouts.
  3. Television shows
    Mostly Psych, The Office, Parks and Rec, The League, and a few others.
  4. Lying
    If you ask about something, you're either going to get the truth, or a good story.
  5. Pursuit driving
    I'm basically a cop.
  6. Musical instruments
    I play quite a few, and could recommend a good starter for most any instrument.
  7. Menu items at Taco Bell
    Breakfast and lunch.
  8. Brake calipers
    Engineering careers sure do have some useless perks.
  9. Tractor equipment
    I'm not a hick though.
  10. Boating
    Motorized and non-Motorized
  11. List Making