Adding when I see new, stupid car decals.
  1. No bitchin', just fishin'.
  2. My other ride is a ________.
    This one's just dumb.
  3. Zombies ate my stick-figure family.
  4. I have my zombie hunting permit.
    That doesn't exist and you know it.
  5. My Labrador is smarter than your Honor Roll Student.
    Do you have to be stupid and mean?
  6. "Dirty Dick's Crabhouse".
    We all know you got your crabs there.
  7. God, Guns, & Guts made America free.
    Literal guts.
  8. Instagram @ names.
    Just. Why?
  9. Assault Life
    There's no need to advertise your affinity for firearms when nobody asked. And don't call them assault weapons.