Second, in a series. See my earlier list for thanksgiving traditions.
  1. Celebrate a generic, non-religious winter gift day, instead of Christmas.
  2. If you have access to snow, bury your brother in it.
    If not, good job for picking a place where snow isn't a problem.
  3. Turn the least appropriate of things into ornaments.
  4. Obtain all food through freeganism.
  5. Have an over the top tree lighting ceremony.
  6. Branch out and celebrate Hanukkah or Kwanza.
    Festivus. Celebrate Festivus.
  7. Fast the month of December, until Christmas morning
  8. Christmas breakfast
    I'll honestly be sad if you don't make this a thing.
  9. In addition to gifts given, exchange a gift with family members that they absolutely would not want.
  10. Taco 12 pack Christmas dinner
  11. Turn the power off and open gifts.
    My electricity has been off since 2:00 AM. No end in sight.